• Keynote speaker, author, catalyst

    "One simple choice can change the course of your life. Choose powerfully." - Doug Grady
  • Keynote speaker, author, catalyst

    Your session in particular drew rave reviews. - Jim Moody, President, Construction Suppliers Association
  • Keynote motivational speaker, author, catalyst

Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary yet few fully reach it. We have virtually infinite access to information. Yet professional and personal growth tends be inconsistent and elusive at best. What does it take?

It’s not just motivation. It’s FOCUS.

Doug Grady will challenge your team to:

CHOOSE: Change begins with a choice. Choice supersedes inspiration, motivation, and attitude. Choice is available right now. One simple choice can change the course of your life.

STAY THE COURSE: Discipline is what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary. Top performers let their commitments, not their excuses, lead them.

FOCUS: Reclaim your focus, reclaim your future.

If you’re looking for just another motivational speaker, they are easy to find. Change goes far beyond motivation. Doug Grady understands what it takes to shift a habit, a lifestyle, a company and a culture.


"Our investment in Doug Grady has paid for itself many times over. Doug's work is a HOMERUN!"

James L. Cook
CEO, National Financial Services Group