Open the Door to Personal Potential

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Open the Door to Personal PotentialOpen the Door to Personal Potential

I stay in hotels quite often while speaking for conferences and corporations. Recently I had an interesting experience. I was returning to the hotel from a morning run and attempting to enter through a side door. The electronic key seemed to be malfunctioning as the familiar electronic lights failed to light up. I tried several times… nothing. Just as I was about leave I pulled on the door. It opened. It had been unlocked the entire time.

This brought me to the profound realization:

You don’t need a key if the door is unlocked.

I was operating under a false belief. I believed the door was locked. This governed my actions, cost me time, and almost prevented from getting to where I wanted to go.

Are there unlocked doors in your life that you believe you need a key to open? How often do you imagine barriers that aren’t even there? Here are a few examples:

  • You don’t reach out to a top prospect because you know a gatekeeper will prevent you from connecting.
  • You’re convinced you need just the right words said in just the right way for that special person to say yes to a first date.
  • You don’t ask for the order because you don’t have the perfect close and you know they won’t buy.

The world is full of keys to success. Heck, my industry is built on them. Recipes, formulas, blueprints, maps, plans… they all have their place. But is it possible that at times we make it more difficult than it has to be? What if you don’t need special key to open the door to personal potential? You don’t need a key to:

  • Be more productive
  • Love more fully
  • Forgive
  • Make healthier choices
  • Connect with your Creator
  • Deepen the important relationships in your life

What if all you need to do is open the door?

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6 responses to “Open the Door to Personal Potential”

  1. I enjoyed meeting you and taking the 40-day challenge (which I failed!!!)
    I love the way you speak, and your message is always so clear.
    Keep doing what you are doing, some days your message seems to speak directly to me.
    And PS- I think you look better without the beard!!!

  2. Shirley says:

    Love this blog, Doug. I vote for no beard !!!!!!!

  3. […] the more we give the more we receive. When you give of yourself you open the door to receive even more in your own life. More fulfillment, more peace, more joy, more gratitude, more […]

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